Yahweh wanted to make a spot available where an eager mind could come to play, but leave a hero. So he created Light City, a place where never-ending adventure meets the greatest wisdom of all time. It is here, Yahweh knows, that Yaheroes will experience truth through amazing quests.

Yahweh started the world of Yahero by placing a single seed gently in the clouds. It floated there in the middle of the sky far above Earth. With a slight breeze and a nudge, the seed began to grow into a mighty Tree like no other. The Tree grew deep roots across the sky. It’s strong branches and rich green leaves glistened in the sun. But the Tree’s growth had barely begun. From the base of the Tree an entire island grew outward. The Island of Zioden.

But Zioden is just the start. The mighty Tree keeps growing. Four rivers flow from the Tree, and all around wondrous sites and secrets are yet to come to light as the roots grow deeper.

How does the Tree grow? Yahweh created Logospheres–amazing spheres of light that provide energy the Tree needs to expand into even more islands and places where the rivers can flow.

Only Yaheroes who join the quest and play together can gather Logospheres, and only the sacred Lumiscrolls will provide the clues needed to find them. There is no end to how big Light City can become when Yaheroes join the Quest!

The Yahero’s Quest

You press into a group of trees in the forest. The smell of fresh pine and sap fills your nose. Pine cones crunch with each careful step you take. But wait… what was that strange hum you just heard?

You look back toward your buddies, but they keep walking. They didn’t hear the noise?!?

You snap back when you hear the hum again. This time, as you slowly push a little deeper into the trees, you see an eerie blue light. Your heart starts to pound with excitement. Just a little farther. Pine needles are scratching your arms, but you’re almost through.

Stunned, you stop. Is that a ship? Is it a car? It’s all by itself, surrounded by a big circle of trees. A thin light glows all around it. For a second you wonder, “Where are the wheels?” But then you realize there are no wheels. It’s hovering! The glow of the lights around the edges dim and brighten in a slow rhythm. When the blue light is brighter, the hum is stronger.

Before you know it, you’re close enough to touch the ship. It’s open. You look inside. That must be the pilot’s seat–and what a cool dashboard. What’s it all made of? Metal? Plastic? Wood? You can’t tell just by looking…

Before thinking twice, you slide into the open seat and look around to see if anything happens. The seat is comfortable, like it was made for you. It feels smooth like metal yet soft like leather. The ship is still hovering, the light’s still glowing, the soft hum is still coming gently into your ears. The pounding from your heart is the loudest sound now.

What’s that button on the dashboard – it’s red, with a light around it! I wonder what happens if you press it?

Fffffft! A glass enclosure slides past you just above your head, enclosing the cockpit tightly. All sorts of lights come on–blue, green, red. The hum grows louder. Dust shoots up from the hole in the dashboard but then freezes in the air, forming a picture.

The hologram projects a young man standing in full uniform. He calls you a “Yahero” and starts talking about the quests you’re joining, about all kinds of adventures and rewards and new friends. He tells you to meet him at Light City…

Whoooosh. What was that? You turn your head to look out the window, but the takeoff has happened so fast the Earth is nowhere to be seen. You’re passing through huge white clouds at top speed.

You’re headed to Light City in the world of Yahero.

The Chozek

The Chozek are a group chosen by Yahweh to guide His Yaheroes on their important quests. They’ve been in Light City for a long time and have special skills that are super useful to Yaheroes on quests.


You don’t need to get out of his way when he’s walking by. He’s not that kind of a leader. But he is a guy you’ll respect quickly. Giddo is competitive and passionate. He’s 14 years old and wants two things: To do what’s right and to win. Sure, he gets frustrated when someone performs a task differently than he would, and he’s a bit impatient sometimes. But when it comes to making split-second decisions and easily getting around obstacles, Giddo’s the one to look to.

Age: 14
Duty: Leader of the Chozek
Skill: Parkour
Inspiration: Gideon


Nika is 14 years old and full of creative oomph. Her steady stream of ideas helps everyone around her dream big. She’s always ready to go on risky missions if it means a new discovery will be made. At times her energy outlasts her friends’, and she doesn’t really know what “slow down” means. No matter what, thought, Nika can find a way past any problem–and it’s usually a really beautiful way!

Age: 14
Duty: Keeper of the Hero Forge
Skill: Climbing
Inspiration: Deborah


A huge and daunting beast in appearance, Max acts more like a big, friendly dog in reality. He’s a loyal teammate who enjoys tracking and speeding through Light City. He doesn’t always look before he leaps, and this sometimes gets him into sticky situations. But his friends know when a target is near because Max immediately perks up, ready to go.

Age: 8
Duty: Keeper of the Cave of Light
Skill: Tracking
Inspiration: Peter


This bird of prey is strong and dignified. She looks like an ancient bird and a majestic eagle all in one. Her wisdom and wings allow her to view situations from higher planes. She’s a vital resource for locating important items. The other Chozek try to get her to laugh because she takes her job very seriously. She’s an asset to Yaheroes for her wisdom and ability to fly–even with passengers!

Age: 8
Duty: Keeper of the Tree
Skill: Archery
Inspiration: Solomon


Through only seen via the microscreen of the Lumipad, Anen is a valuable resource to all Chozek and Yaheroes. No one knows how long he’s lived in the billowy cloud islands above Light City. But don’t think he’s just an old creature! From his perch he is outfitted with special widgets that help him see and help all Yaheroes on their quests. Anen is powerful with Yahweh’s strength that has only grown with time. Plus, he’s always got a joke and an interesting way of saying things that’s totally “Anen.”

Age: 102
Duty: Keeper of the Clouds
Skill: Computation
Inspiration: Simeon