Yahero Begins

Yahero Begins

Giddo, Nika, Max, and Araway need your help to find the Logosphere of Creation! It must be placed in the Tree of Zioden as soon as possible. Only a Yahero with a sense of adventure and a sharp eye will be able to complete this Quest!


Below are some helpful hints so you can complete each mission!

Mission 1 – The Cave of Light

Quest 1 - Mission 1

Can’t seem to open the cave?

  • Try clicking the play button!
  • Start by clicking on the light on the left and see what happens!
  • After you’ve clicked on the light on the left, try clicking the second light!
  • Still need more help? Click on the light above the cave door!

Mission 2 – Brave the Cave

Quest 1 - Mission 2

Can’t seem to make it down the river?

  • Try making avoiding the Malizek your top priority!
  • Then focus on getting the Lumens!

Check back later for some more helpful hints!