YAHERO – the first massive multiplayer online game (MMOG) for tween kids, ages 8 to 11, which is Bible based and supportive of a Christian worldview. YAHERO uses an interactive game format that children already understand and love.

YAHERO does not promote a particular denominational viewpoint. We exist so tween kids can have incredible fun in an ever-growing interactive and allegorical world that will inspire them to love God’s life-giving Word.

YAHERO is Free of Charge!

The YAHERO team believes that every child should have the opportunity to become engaged with the Bible through the online world of YAHERO. It is this belief that prompted us to offer this online experience for tween kids FREE of charge. This is an opportunity for parents of Yaheroes and for other Christians to DONATE so that our team can continue to create exciting quests and games that will excite and engage tweens with the Bible in a format that they already understand and love. At YAHERO, we are committed to providing an exciting and interactive community where tween boys and girls come to play in a safe online environment – learning to love God’s Word.


YAHERO is totally committed to the safety of each child who enters the online world. Every available precaution has been taken to ensure that inappropriate language is kept off the site. Contact with anyone not approved by a parent or guardian will be blocked. In addition to state-of-the-art technical safeguards, human monitors will be checking for inappropriate comments or efforts to detour or elude our rigorous screening processes. We believe that parent involvement is vital to the safety and security of all players, and encourage parents to be involved with their child’s progress in the YAHERO world. All third party advertisements will be kept off the site so that your child can enjoy and experience all that the YAHERO world

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