Open Chat has Arrived in Light City!

Now you can chat with your friends using the new Open Chat feature! Hey Yaheroes! Do you want to use your own words to chat with your friends in the YAHERO world as you go on quests? Well, now you… Read more »

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We Want to Hear From You!

Let us know what you’d like to see in YAHERO! Hey Yaheroes! Have you been having fun Braving the Cave? Or how about activating the Beacon of Light? We’ve received incredible feedback from all of our Yaheroes! Here are some… Read more »

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Enter the Zioden Remix Contest!

Hero Forge

The Zioden Remix Contest has begun – check it out! Hey Yaheroes, Have you finished activating the Beacon of Light in quest II yet? Well, we have created a new contest just for you – Zioden Remix! To enter the… Read more »

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Quest 2 – The Beacon of Light

The northeast zone of Zioden is open to explore! Tee-hee, I see you’re ready for your next adventure, Yaheroes. I hope you’re ready to battle the Malizek as you work to activate the Beacon. Ohhh… “What is this Beacon?” you… Read more »

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Check Out the Newest Game!

Max’s Mayhem has landed in Light City! Finished braving the cave? How about testing your skills in Araway’s Archery? Well, now there’s a new game just for you – Max’s Mayhem! Check out the Games tab on your Lumipad to… Read more »

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