Let the Lumipad Guide You on Your Quest!


Use the numbers above to correspond with the examples below!

Lumipad - AnenClick here for help!

Click on Anen in the top left corner and he’ll be sure to answer any of your questions! He’ll help you make your way around Light City and teach you the ropes of how to become a YAHERO!

Hi there! My name is Anen. I am full of tips and tutorials that will help you along on your Quests! If you ever have a question just click on my icon.

Hero Profile

Anen will teach you how to navigate the Lumipad, update your hero look and view the rewards you’ve earned with your mad skills!


Anen will show you how to chat with your friends, see their profiles, and help each other out during quests!

Lumipad - Tutorials


Anen will guide you though your quests, mini-games, puzzles, and he’ll show you how to view your badges.


Anen will teach you the perfect way to hone your heroic skills, earn Lumens, and power up your gadgets.

Lumipad - Map

Check out the Map to see your location in Light City!

Be sure to click the map icon to see which part of Light City you are in! Also, don’t forget to follow the legend on the right hand side to find friends, discover points of interest and embark on secret missions!

Lumipad - Map Image

Lumipad - Hero

Check your stats and change your look any time!

The hero icon lets you see how many Lumens you have and it shows you all your other stats! With the Customize tab, you can change your hairstyle, shirt, pants, shoes, and even your face with the click of a button!

Lumipad - Hero Image

Lumipad - Feed

Check your feed for all the latest hero activities!

The feed icon gives you access to all the exciting activities that are happening in Light City! Be sure to click it

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every time you play so you don’t miss a beat! Check the Hero Hub everyday as well for a complete list of the YAHERO news.

Lumipad - Feed Image

Lumipad - Friends

Explore Light City with your friends!

The friends’ icon lets you see which of your friends are online! Be sure to click this each time you play so that you can chat with your friends, go on quests together, and meet up to hang out!

Lumipad- Friends Image

Chat Mode

Your chatting options!
Choose between two chat modes: Free Chat or Preset Chat.

In free chat, you’ll be able talk freely with all your friends in the YAHERO world.

Lumipad - Free Chat Image

In preset chat, there is a list of preset words that you can say to your friends! You will just have to click on the icon and choose what you’d like to say. It’s as simple as that!

Lumipad - Preset Chat

7 - Future

Lumipad - Quests

Click here to view your next Quest!

Be sure to click on the quest icon to find out where you’re supposed to go next! Here, you can see the quest you are currently on and the quests you have yet to complete! Be sure to watch for the new quest each month so that you can earn lots of Lumens!

Lumipad - Quests Image

Lumipad - Inventory

Click here to view all your items!

Be sure to click the inventory icon to see all your cool gadgets! Here, you’ll be able to view all of the lumiscrolls you’ve picked up along the way, as well as view all the items in your inventory. Cool stuff like Lumens, special rocks and new clothing options for your Yaheros!

Lumipad - Inventory Image

Lumipad - Badges

Click here to view all the badges you’ve earned!

The badge icon lets you view all the badges that you have earned! Separated into different categories, you’ll be able to see your badges from questing, exploring, games and badges earned from the Chozek! Be sure to check these often, because new badges become available every month!

Lumipad - Badges Image

Lumipad - Games

Play any game with the click of a button!

To play any mini-game you want, just click on the game icon and choose the game you want to play! It’s that simple! Once you have completed a quest, all the mini-games will be unlocked and available to you from the game icon! Playing the mini-games is a good way to earn lots of Lumens to unlock cool new features!

Lumipad - Games Image

Lumipad - Lumens

View Lumens and control the Music!

By going on quests and participating in activities in Light City, you collect Lumens. This icon in the top right corner keeps track of your Lumens for you, and also allows you to adjust the music as you please! Be sure to get as many Lumens as possible to unlock cool new features!

Lumipad - Lumens Image