Quest Rundown for New Yaheroes

Info for new Yaheroes!

Hey Yaheroes,

Some of you are brand new Yaheroes and so we want to give you a rundown of the quests and some fun things you’ll be doing.

Quest 1 – YAHERO Begins

YAHERO Begins is all about exploring Light City and meeting the Chozek – Giddo, Nika, Max and Araway. Yaheroes discover the
figure out the days of creation too!

Quest 2 – The Beacon

of Light

Reactivating the Beacon of Light is the Yaheroes main objective in this exciting quest. To do this, Yaheroes must travel through the maze of the Power Porter, find the Ruby Stones, and unlock the Logosphere of Truth! Using the Lumiscrolls, Yaheroes will have to reactivate the Beacon of Light so that it can once again send messages of hope to the other islands in Light City!

Quest 3 – The Race for Growth

In this quest, Yaheroes meet Jash the farmer when they visit the farm in East Zioden. Yaheroes help Mordi the
usually as little For Maybe.

Mole track down the seven Lumiscrolls that the moles have accidentally stolen. They make their way through the maze of caves and search for the Lumiscrolls in the Looking Glass game! Each tunnel is another adventure so Yaheroes must check their missions to stay on the right track!

Stay tuned as more quests, games,
stories, and even pets arrive in Light City!!!

Shine the Light Yahero!


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