Help Us Name a New Race of Pets!

Keep the pet names coming!

Hey Yaheroes!

We asked you if you’d like to have a pet in Light City and if you could help us name an entire race of pets. We’ve heard that Yaheoes do want pets and so we’ll keep working on them.

We can’t tell you the whole story yet. It’s going to be a surprise in an upcoming quest. We can only say that there will be a rescue operation you won’t want to miss! Here are some of the names we’ve received from your fellow Yaheroes:

  • Wafiquas
  • Frillzies
  • Jibbits
  • Pokas
  • Sidoodles
  • Henzies


to those of you who wrote to us. Talk to your friends to get ideas and who knows maybe

you’ll be the one to actually name the YAHERO race of pets. If we choose your pet name you will get a special prize!

Remember, we love hearing from you! Just click the “Contact Us” button on the top menu and send us a quick email with your favorite pet names.

the Light,


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