New Ideas From Yaheroes!

Ideas for Light City

Hey Yaheroes!

We hope you have been having fun Braving the Cave, activating the Beacon of Light and helping the moles figure out that it’s wrong to steal. In the next quest, you will visit the Lake of Purpose and play new games. We’d like to thank our Yaheroes for the good feedback we’ve been receiving and we have some questions for you so that our team can keep creating new things for you to do.

Would you like to have a pet

in Light City?

If you could name an entire race of pets what would you name them?

If you could ride on either Max or Araway who would you choose?

Would you like to listen to audio stories about the history of Light City at the information kiosk?

More questions will be coming your

us off a quick email with the answers to our questions.

Shining the Light,


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