Quest 2 – The Beacon of Light

The northeast zone of Zioden is open

to explore!

Tee-hee, I see you’re ready for your next adventure, Yaheroes. I hope you’re ready to battle the Malizek as you work to activate the Beacon.

Ohhh… “What is this Beacon?” you

say. Well, from what I hear, hehe, it shines light to other islands in the world of Yahero—islands that aren’t connected to the life of the Tree of Zioden. How does it do it? Well, you’ll have to join the quest to see for yourself!

To discover the light of the beacon, you’ll have to become a subscriber! Once you do this, you’ll have unlimited access to all the coolest things that Light City has to offer. Now

what do ya think that includes? How about exciting contests and an ever-growing inventory full of surprises?!

Ahhh, just wait a couple more weeks and you’ll be able to have free chat with all your fellow Yaheroes! But

remember, you’re gonna need a subscription to do it!

Hehe, that is all for now, Yaheroes! You better go find Nika – I hear she is waiting for ya to start your quest!

Shining the Light,

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